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3111 N Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60618
ph. 773-296-6024


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Date Event Time / Price
Jan21Sun Eigth Blackbird Creative Lab 8:30 pm
Jan21Sun Eighth Blackbird Creative Lab 7:30 pm
Jan26Fri Paul Giallorenzo Trio 8:30 pm
Jan26Fri Paul Giallorenzo Trio 8:00 pm
Jan27Sat Tom Rainey Trio With Ingrid Laubrock & Mary Halvorson 8:30 pm
Jan28Sun Zafa Collective 8:30 pm
Jan31Wed Audrey Chen Duo: Voices 8:30 pm

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Logo of Constellation Constellation is an venue on Chicago's North West side. It is in the once Viaduct theater. Links hall is housed in the space as well.

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